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In October 1986, about fifteen brothers get together to create a just and
perfect symbolic Lodge that took the name Heliopolis No 22.

In 1987, the assembly of the officers of the Respectable Lodge Héliopolis No 22 announced the creation of another Respectable Lodge Meleager. This Lodge had twenty-three brothers enrolled in its registers.

The Respectable Lodges Héliopolis No 22 and Meleager worked strong to create a Grand Obedience with the aim of collecting what was apart. During the long difficult war, which struck Lebanon, several brothers immigrated others faced anti-Masonic acts .

In June 1988, nine members of the Respectable Lodge Héliopolis No 22 and 13 members of the Respectable Lodge Meleager decided to announce the creation of a third Respectable Lodge Akhenaton Twenty-two brothers of this Respectable Lodge were enrolled in its registers. All brothers lived in harmony.

In November 1988, the symbolic Lodge Héliopolis No 22 changed its name to "Haramoun".

December 3rd, 1988, the three symbolic Respectable Lodges which are: Haramoun, Meleager and Akhenaton united and formed The Grand Lodge Héliopolis. The Brother Edward Ghattas was on the head of this pyramid as Grand Master.

Due to the political events in the Lebanon, the meetings of The Grand Lodge Héliopolis stopped for a period of two years. The activities of this Grand Lodge began again in 1992 and the Grand Master, Respectable Brother Yeprem Kakossian was elected for a mandate of three years, announced the decision of the Federal council of the Grand Lodge Héliopolis to enlarge the Chain of Universal Union.

During five years, the Grand Lodge Héliopolis participated, repeatedly, in the construction of the human being by bringing the moral and physical help to the handicapped persons and to the orphans, son of the war.

At the beginning of April 1998, regular elections took place and the result was naming Brother Jamil Najjar as Grand Master.

To reflect better the Canaanite and the Phoenician culture, the General assembly of The Grand Lodge Héliopolis, which was member of the Orient of Canaan, met for a session of obligation. During this meeting the decision was taken unanimously, that The Grand Lodge Héliopolis becomes a Masonic Sovereign and independent Power practicing the Former (Ancient) And accepted Scottish Rite and to take from now on for name:" Grand Lodge Bet-El ".

In 2005, the General assembly of Clipsas accepted the membership of the Grand Lodge Bet-El as an active member carrying with proud the banner of the Absolute Liberty of Conscience.

Due to the end of the mandate of the GMFEdmond Chalhoub In 2012 and according to the Constitution and the General regulations of the Grande Loge Bet - El, regular elections were held and FGeorges Homsi was named Grand Master of the Grande Loge Bet - El.





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