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How to join and Become a Freemason


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How does one become a Freemason?

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What is the goal of Freemasonry?
The goal of Freemasonry is to render men and women better
To become a member working under the auspices of the Honorable

Grand Lodge Bet-El

You Must put the following items into consideration ,they are absolute requirements:

  • Have a belief in a Supreme Being = of any faith = All are welcome.
  • To be a freeman with good morals
  • Have more than 21 years of age.
  • The social position does not play any role.
  • Have a certain experience is an advantage.
  • Working regularly in your Blue Lodge is an obligation.
  • Reading, studying, enjoys the company of others and the meditation is the basis of your personal progress. Absolute liberty of conscience is necessary in our conceptions; you are obliged to accept all races, all social conditions and all religions.
  • The symbolic Blue Lodge meets every Tuesdays (except during holidays and the two months of summer).
  • The apprentices and the companions participate in a monthly instruction. 
  • the Grand Lodge Bet-El  practice the Scottish Old and Accepted Rite 

This rite defines the way you practice the ritual.  The ritual puts a number of symbols in movement.  It allows to the participants an intuitive comprehension of the laws of nature, and consequently, laws that govern us. You live a ritual but a ritual does not explain itself.

  • The Grande Loge Bet-El is a mixed Lodge; we accept women in our Lodges. 
  • Freemasonry is not a sect. 
  • Freemasonry has no instructor, nor a dogma.  Once you are in, you have the right to examine and discuss by yourself all ideas and theories.  It is very easy to enter into a sect, but clearly more difficult to be out. On the contrary, it is rather difficult to enter in Freemasonry, but it is possible to leave.  The sect moves you away from your family and society, Freemasonry assists you to be more attached and harmonious in the society and engages you to practice love towards your family.
  • It is necessary to believe in God in order to be a member of a symbolic Lodge working under the auspices of the Grand Lodge Bet-El. 

All the symbolic lodges of The Grand Lodge Bet-El work to the "Glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe " . The Masons are free to call The Grand Architect "GOD " , or what they desire.  Therefore, they profit of an absolute liberty of conscience. 

Steps to be initiated

  • Other than the items, stated before you should have the time to participate regularly .
  • You must be able to afford the initiation fees, the annual dues & other expenses without hardship .
  • You should come to masonry "  of your own free will & accord  "
  • "Usually, a freemason is an intermediate between a candidate and the lodge. We call this a sponsorship. You CANNOT get recommendation from somebody you have not met. In case the candidate does not know any freemason and does not have any connection, he has in fact the possibility to send his candidacy directly to the following address:

Grande Secretariat de la Grande Loge Bet-El



P . O. Box : 70227
Antelias – Liban

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